What a week!

The weather is still jumping all over the place – so I’ve still been feeling pretty much out of it. Meanwhile, I do have work I need to do…  So both my cooking and especially my picture taking and blog writing have been a bit haphazard. I have still been eating Real Meals – I know that I need to, or I just feel worse. I just haven’t been blogging about them.

This is yesterday’s food… I was feeling a bit better than I had the previous couple of days.

WIAW #7 BreakfastFor a change, I remembered to take a picture of breakfast. Still the same breakfast I’ve been having… OJ, yogurt and protein shake,  oatmeal, and coffee…  I’m seeing all these cool oatmeal variations, and want to try some of them, but, for now – the old standby is standing by me.

Lunch was chicken soup. I’d simmered a bunch of chicken legs the day before, we had a few pieces for dinner, and then put cooked chicken and broth away. The other day, I’d used the rice cooker to cook a big batch of hulless barley – I prefer it, but it takes longer to cook than pearled, so I cooked some to have on hand for soup. Used a pint, still have another in the freezer. I also had some leftovers of the turnips and parsnips I wrote about last week, and added a fresh onion and a carrot.

Chicken soupSo, basically, I chopped the onion and carrot, then emptied a lot of plastic containers into the pot… I’d seasoned the chicken when cooking it originally, so didn’t have to add anything. Just heated it up, ate it, realized I should have taken a picture of it in the bowl, took a picture of what was left in the pot (which will be today’s lunch…)  And I had one rice cake with just a little cheese, and water.

Then I totally forgot to take pictures of dinner… but it was a pork chop, so here’s a picture of a pork chop browning… I did just pan fry this one. Then I heated some frozen leeks in a pan, added zucchini, sauteed it, added a bit of commercial pesto and some water to thin it, and served it all with rice. Sorry I didn’t get a picture – it was rather pretty… this will have to do…Dinner - pork chops

Obviously I am again joining the Peas and Crayons What I Ate Wednesday party. (That’s where I’m seeing delicious looking oatmeal variations – really, I’ll try some, when I get more together…)


2 thoughts on “WIAW #7”

    • Now you have me laughing…

      Well, you know – I’ve eaten for quite a few years without ever even considering taking a picture of lunch! It just doesn’t feel natural, yet. I have enough trouble remembering when I’m working on a specific recipe for the blog.

      I do think, though, that the WIAW is useful. I’m talking about the way I eat, more than specific recipes, and this does help show how it all goes together – the way leftovers become lunch, or another recipe all together… (Cooked chicken, cooked broth, cooked turnips, all in this soup…) So I keep plugging away at it – and eventually I will get my act together!

      I’m glad you are amused, rather than being put off by my… unprofessional behavior… LOL

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