WIAW 33 - wwww.inhabitedkitchen.comSo – I’m kind of cheating…

Last week and this have both been busy – and out of my usual pattern. I was away for a bit, I was concentrating on some work, I was… not paying as much attention…  So I didn’t post this at all last week, and I didn’t take pictures for it this week.

“Oh, no!” I said… (or more or less…) “I forgot pictures!”

“How about the eggplant? You took pictures, and people seemed to think it was interesting.” said Rich…

“But I don’t have the other meals.”

“Well – what did you eat? Have you taken pictures of similar meals?”

Of course I have… My breakfasts and lunches don’t vary all that much…  So, this is a cheat. I didn’t eat this muffin or that salad – but I did eat muffins for breakfast and salad for lunch…

Breakfast 33 - www.inhabitedkitchen.comI had to poke back a while, but I found cheesy eggs and muffins. I was in a rush, and this (as long as I made the muffins earlier) is a very fast breakfast – scramble eggs with a little cheese, and toast muffins. And done. I can eat it quickly, too. (I like the refried beans, but they’re just sort of bulkier… they take a while to eat. Fine most of the time – I spend breakfast gradually waking up, so I do usually take my time over it – but sometimes I need to get moving.)

Salad lunch WIAW 33Salads are another story. I had to find a recent one for that, as the salads have been changing with the season. In fact, I ended up making this collage. The first one is really just greens. Then I could add herbs and radishes, then cucumbers…  Now I have a pile of mixed vegetables – summer squash, and tomatoes, and cucumber and scallions, and… I’d been thinking about that, but actually looking at the pictures made it that much clearer. And taking a pile of little containers and just tossing precut bits onto a plate, when I had to eat quickly before going out – priceless.Seasonal Salads - www.inhabitedkitchen.com

Dinner. Well, I wrote about getting home late and tired, and not wanting to fuss with assembling eggplant parmigiana… and, really, this tasted so good. Sure, sometimes I will go for Pretty – I’ll certainly make the proper layered version for guests, or to take as a covered dish… it’s a great dish to make a lot of and impress people. But it’s just as much fuss to make for 2 as for 10, and that  means I almost never cook it just for us. (And I certainly never did just for myself when I Dinner - Not Eggplant Parmegiana - www.inhabitedkitchen.comwas single! What a loss.) This – I’ll cook. Probably this week, in fact, with the rest of the cheese and all the eggplant we picked up yesterday… though this time I”ll make the tomato sauce. (Or just use fresh tomatoes… that’s an idea… add a little more seasoning, in that case… this time cook pasta…  hmmm…)


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