WIAW 31 - www.inhabitedkitchen.comAnd it is time again for What I Ate Wednesday.

Cheesy eggs in tortillas - www.inhabitedkitchen.comI need to make another batch of granola. (That’s the problem with preferring your own cooking… you then need to have a chance to do it!) So, what else is a fast easy grain? I’ve eaten corn tortillas for breakfast before, with eggs and beans, and they were good. But I haven’t been eating the beans in the hot weather. (What hot weather? Well – we did have some…) I’ve eaten cheesey scrambled eggs sometimes, though… because they are fast and easy. And I got these cute mini tortillas at the nearby bodega… and wanted to use them. Suddenly, it occurred to me to eat them with the eggs as a wrap, for a breakfast I could eat easily and quickly. Definitely a win! I tend to eat breakfast at the computer (as so many of us do, these days…) reading the news and catching up with friends – a breakfast that lets me eat and scroll at the same time does help.

Lunch - salad in AugustFor lunch – well, I’ve been writing about salads, and I’ve been eating salads. Nearly forgot to take this picture…  It’s another batch of the Health Salad. This time I didn’t have any parsley, but I added the celery leaves as well as the chopped stalk, and I did use more tomato – it was beautifully ripe when I made this. I mixed lettuce and arrugula and some other chopped veg, and cooked chicken and white beans, and a big helping of the chopped salad. I think it was toast on the side… since I’d finished the tabbouli I’d eaten in the same combination the previous few days.

Dinner - Chicken Veg Saute - www.inhabitedkitchen.comDinner was… well… Dinner was It’s Monday, the CSA pickup is tomorrow, let’s empty the vegetable keepers!  I took a big pan, and sauteed an Italian cooking pepper, an eggplant, and several summer squash of varying kinds. I simmered all that a while with a couple of cubes of frozen chicken broth, and a cube of frozen pureed basil. (I’ll write about that later…) Then I added corn from the ear that had been pushed to the back of the crisper drawer (oops…)  and added some of the mixture to a pan of sauteed chicken. The rest I froze for future use – it’s always good to have something that is ready to heat and eat. It all came out awfully beige, but it tasted a lot better than it looks…  Maybe when I reheat the rest I’ll add some greens, as well.

And I’m linking up at Peas and Crayons. Thank you, Jenn, for hosting this – I have so much fun seeing what other people eat, and showing what I do!

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