A day's foodHey, that’s six month’s worth of What I Ate Wednesday posts!

I like that I can look back and see what I’ve been eating, and that, as far as the blog goes, it’s easy to show how the food I cook really fits into my life. I recently said to a friend “We don’t really eat a lot of (pasta, potatoes, don’t even remember what it was, now) and she said “No – you mostly eat rice, I’ve seen it on the blog.” You really do get an idea of the way I eat.

It’s been particularly interesting to track my breakfasts, here. I eat a lot of the same foods for a while (I have no imagination when I first wake up) but I’ve been experimenting. Recently, I’ve been eating beans for breakfast, which do well for me – but as I said last week, they’re starting to feel heavy on hot mornings…  so there will probably be a change.

Breakfast - tortillas, beans and eggsI tried a change from the muffins (though I do like them) and got a package of tortillas. I heated the tortillas in the pan first, to soften them, then heated beans with some liquid, and smushed them. I’d cooked a pork shoulder with coriander and allspice – then cooked blackeyed peas in the cooking liquid. I am definitely doing that again! It was delicious.  I will, however, either crush the spices or put them in something I can fish out – I found that I did not like dealing with whole coriander seeds during breakfast…  Anyhow – I smush the beans once they were warm and soft, then dropped in the eggs and covered the pan. Five minutes later, spooned everything over the tortillas.Easy and delicious.

Lunch - salmon saladFor lunch, I pretty much live on salads in the summer. The vegetables change week to week, and I vary the protein, so that gives me enough variety. This time we had some salmon salad Rich made – that’s his recipe. He was inspired to make it by our bunch of fresh dill – lots and lots of chopped dill in the salad, and a little sprinkled on top. I do need to make some other salad dressings again… This is a simple oil and vinegar, but I have a lot of lovely fresh herbs, now, so should play a little.

Dinner - rhubarb chick peasI wrote in my last post about this dinner – rhubarb and chickpeas. It was really good.  Some lovely dark green chard on the side, and we had a satisfying meal. I think seasonal food is so rewarding – every few weeks we have something new to enjoy!


As always, joining Jenn…

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