WIAW 197

WIAW 197 - a day of food!

Everything has been running late this week – so many family things to pay attention to! I’m trying to catch up and get ahead…

We did go out with the parents and Rich’s brother and sister in law for Mother’s Day, and that was lovely…

And I’m just going to cut to What I Ate. On Monday, as it happens.

What I Ate

WIAW 197 - Breakfast - grits, protein shake, and coffee

Well, breakfast may be getting boring to you, but it works for me. One of these days I should take a picture of the complex breakfasts I prepare first… and don’t eat because they don’t work for me. So then I need simple, fast, and mindless. Quick grits has been working, as has the protein shake. And this time I did not go out – it had been in the nineties several days running, and was already hot and muggy outside…

WIAW 197 - Lunch - leftover salmon and tortilla chips

I had leftovers from Sunday’s restaurant meal for lunch! Salmon piccata – I learned there is a reason the rest of the family shares entrees in this restaurant… especially because they like to start with appetizers and salads (also shared.) There was a bit of broccoli I finished before I remembered the picture, and I added tortilla chips. (And I had not finished my coffee at breakfast because I’d gone out – so I iced it for lunch.)

Serving bowl of pork with bacon and mushrooms, and baby greens

And dinner was actually the subject of the blog I didn’t post until Tuesday (now you know why I didn’t post until Tuesday…)  So you get one of those pictures. Pork loin cut in bite sized pieces and cooked with bacon and mushrooms, with baby greens added.  We ate red potatoes on the side.

Now I need to rush back to catching up on other work…  But come to Jenn’s WIAW party at Laura’s today!

WIAW 197 - A Day of Food




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