WIAW 193 – April!

WIAW 193 - April

“If you don’t like the weather” my North Carolina friends tell me “just wait a while. It will change.”

On the other hand, I am also being told that this year has pushed the limits of even that… 80° yesterday, expected to go into the 30s tonight, and there are even whispers that snow is just possible in a few days…

What we do have now is a new one for me – Yellow Pollen Season. There have been workers out from the HOA with leaf blowers – but they are blowing billowing waves of pollen, off the road, off our walk, off the car…

Rich and I find our allergies coming in waves, too. Neither of us seems to be reacting to the yellow pollen (and there is much rejoicing.) But one day one of us wakes up sneezing madly and is miserable all day – then a day or two later it’s over (and maybe the other one has started… Sometimes it hits us both together…) We both have steady low level sniffling, but that’s just a minor nuisance.

Easter came and went. I observe and celebrate, but the family does not, so it mostly just passed by – but we did have ham, because ham is always both readily available and on sale, so I always get one! Made broth from the bone, and most of the meat is in the freezer, but we did enjoy some right off.

What I Ate

WIAW 193 - April

Breakfast on Monday was my usual – quick grits, quick protein shake, coffee.  I’m considering ideas for a breakfast variation, but when it comes down to it  in the morning I tend to just pull this out… I’d had bean tacos when I first arrived, but I’ve had some trouble finding corn tortillas that aren’t too soft. (I think they’re making them for the American market of people who are used to flour tortillas and want wraps – and they just fall apart and are mushy…) I have a few other ideas, but everything requires preparation. I’m still finding my feet, a bit.

And I know that cup says Tea, and it’s coffee… For several reasons I have trouble holding some cups. I’d brought mugs that worked better for me than the ones the parents have, but I still found them a little awkward for everyday (though I’ll still use them sometimes – they all have meaning for me.) I suddenly realized that this was sitting here, only occasionally used, even though it was the most comfortable cup (for me) in the house!  So there we are – I’m going to use it.

Lunch - ham and bean soup, rice cake with whipped feta

I told you I made stock from the hambone (and the ham that stuck to it.) I used it, and that meat, and some black beans to make soup for lunch. Finished the Roasted Garlic Whipped Feta, too – and definitely need to make that more often! (Oh, and – I have now gotten to the Middle Eastern/Mediterranean grocery, and now have a source for the Bulgarian feta. If you can get it, try it in this – not as dry or salty as the Greek most Americans are used to.)

But anyhow – in fact, we went to that store (and some others, in my apparent quest to visit Every Food Store in Raleigh – and also start getting some concept of the general geography) and got home only half an hour before I wanted to get dinner on the table.  Had to make the salad, of course! You see it in the background… I’ve managed to get some local scallions into it…

Dinner- chicken and beans over rice, broccoli mix

And I had some chicken, but not quite enough (I had a package with too much for one meal, not enough for two…) and had planned to cook it with tofu. Since I was rushing, though, I just sauteed the mat and tossed in more of the black beans – added some Southwestern seasoning. Served it over already cooked rice and with frozen vegetables – not the Great Gourmet Experience, but a pleasant enough dinner.

I do need to remember, though, that while the parents enjoy meat with some beans, they don’t care for the opposite ratio – beans with some meat, which is what I have leaned towards for years. Not sure how I’ll handle that in this circumstance, when I only had a certain amount of meat – but I’ll figure it out.

I’ll also figure out how I want to use the pickled lemons I bought… They add such bright flavor!

Laura is still settling in to a new home and a new job, so no WIAW party today – but that’s fine, we can party on our own! What did you eat this week? Tell me here, or tag me on Twitter @inhabitkitchen  or Instagram @inhabitedkitchen – I’d love to hear from you! (Pictures are lovely, of course, but optional…)

WIAW 193 - April




6 thoughts on “WIAW 193 – April!”

    • Thanks!

      Yes, over the years we’ve eaten less and less meat, more and more beans… But now I do need to remember the parents’ taste. The beans, not the meat, must now be the accent flavor. They are in their nineties, it’s only reasonable to give them what they like, and really, they’ve been quite flexible about new flavors, so I need to remember what doesn’t work as well.

  • What a fun idea! I’m in the Houston, TX area and our weather has been all over the place too, just not that bad. Yesterday was 83, today was 63, which to me, 63 is cold. We’ve also had the yellow pollen like crazy and I must be allergic to it or something that blooms at the same time, it’s been rough for me and my youngest son.

    • LOL To me, coming from New York City, 63 is perfectly normal for April! It’s all what we are used to… It’s going to take me a while to get used to what is normal in North Carolina – especially if we don’t actually get normal weather!

  • That sounds delicious and having soup at lunch and beans at dinner is good, I remember my sister to you. Today I prepared coffee and pancakes for breakfast and thinking soup for lunch and dinner will be my hubby’s idea.

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