WIAW 189 – Sunlight and Flowers

WIAW 189 - a day of food

Well, I told you last week it was warm…

Vase of daffodills.

Aren’t they beautiful? Those are not florist flowers – my sister in law picked them from her own yard and came by with them. I understand this is early even by North Carolina standards, and of course, in New York I would be lucky to see full blown daffodils like that at the end of March!

I’m starting to establish a rhythm for our days, here, around what the parents already did.  Which days what happens, when we shop, when we visit with family…  and when I write posts and work on recipes! (Because that timing had to change… ) A rhythm for each day, as well. I get up and fix everyone’s breakfast, and go on from there…

WIAW 189 - Breakfast - corn muffins and protein shake

I finally found corn meal that doesn’t say “May contain wheat” so I made corn muffin mix, and can make my muffins. I’ll probably eat muffins less often than I did,  but they’re a nice change.  And the protein shake just works, here… It’s fast, it’s easy (and I don’t have to explain why I don’t think one egg is enough for my breakfast.) And of course I had my coffee.

WIAW 189 - Lunch - rice cakes with PB and cheese, and grapes

Days tend to be either warm and rainy, or cool and sunny, but I did get one lunch outside! That still feels such a treat. I used to housesit for friends, and I always loved to be able to take a meal out and sit on a deck or porch. I really look forward to doing that in the spring and fall – maybe even breakfast in summer, though we’ll see!

We typically eat a different lunch than the parents do – but  one they enjoy is cheese and bread with fruit, which I also like. I didn’t want to eat up all their cheese, so I also had some peanut butter, and of course I ate my rice cakes instead of the bread.  (Bit more PB next time, I think…)  As usual, I drank water with it.

WIAW 189 - Dinner - Chicken in Rotel and cauliflower rice, broccoli

Well, that was a migraine day. I have fewer, which is good, but they still happen. And even without migraines, there are days when boneless chicken thighs cooked in a can of Rotel are what you need. (I was familiar with Rotel – canned tomatoes with chilies, for those who are not – in New York, but few stores carried it, so I rarely used it.) The parents liked it – Don made a point of telling me how good it was! – so that’s an emergency meal I have up my sleeve…  That, cooked brown rice, and steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and we had dinner.

WIAW 189 - Dinner - Tossed salad

And I finally took a picture of our salad! They really pretty much like the same salad every day – a couple of kinds of lettuce with arugula, carrots, celery, tomatoes, green pepper… I’m varying the add-ins a little – I think some variety is good. No one else likes salad dressing, but I do. Right now I’m just using  bottled dressing, but I’ll start making my own eventually.

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WIAW 189 - a day of food




2 thoughts on “WIAW 189 – Sunlight and Flowers”

    • Thank you! My mom gave me that mug when I had a black cat – both gone many years now, so I cherish the memory! So – chicken in Rotel is indeed about as low key as you get. I had boneless thighs, so I cut them in bite sized pieces (which sometimes works better in our family anyway) and that took the most work. Then I just sauteed the chicken briefly to brown it a touch (and you could even skip that) then added a can of Rotel, and simmered about 10 minutes until the chicken was done. (My father in law really liked it – I am not telling him how easy it was! LOL) I’ve done the same with jarred sauces and such – pasta sauce, an Indian simmer sauce, anything with the seasoning already in it. We all need a few meals that can be thrown together with little thought or effort.

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