WIAW 181 – Busy Season!


WIAW 181As I’ve said, I have both blog stuff and family stuff going on, so I’m running in circles! So meals are pretty easy, right now…

The major blog stuff right now is that I’m finally monetizing this baby…  Yes, in many ways I should have done that ages ago, but between the migraines and some of that family stuff I never felt ready to make any commitment.  So I’m easing in with affiliate links – Oh, oh, oh, I need a disclosure!  This post contains Affiliate links, and if you purchase anything through them, I will get a commission –  and (trying this out, here, LOL) starting with an affiliate link for Social Jukebox.   I have used it for several years (since it was only Tweet Jukebox, and totally free!)  to save my sanity on Twitter. I have tons of evergreen posts, and many more from previous years that I want to run every, well, Fall, say, without having to keep manually scheduling every. single. one. So I load ’em into the Jukebox when I post, and let ‘er rip… and rest in the sure knowledge that people will ever see that lentil soup again.  (You can also use it for other media, and one of these days I’ll fill up the Facebook jukebox…)

And don’t worry – I’m not going to write whole posts about all my affiliates all the time  – but I’m so excited to finally start!  (Oh, and there’s some Amazon, too, at the bottom of the page – I’m working on that! It needs a little fine tuning…)

And Richard Frankenstein may be about to strike Life! into a computer for me. We’ve been sharing one for quite a while, now – first, looking into the possibility that it would make sense for us at least for a while, then deciding it would not, then, well… Tech Guy got to work. (Just buy a new one? Are you kidding me? When we have half a dozen perfectly good hard drives sitting around, with way more memory than I would ever buy? For all the pictures and music?)

WIAW 181

So anyway – one of the reasons that I have been eating bean tacos for breakfast all the time is that I can eat them while at the computer… in the morning when he’s not using it. I mean, I like them and all, and they’re handy and convenient, but they’re also the easiest to eat while working, because I can pick them up with my left hand. Maybe one day soon I’ll go back to using a fork for breakfast… and maybe even make those waffles I wrote about last year!

WIAW 181

Lunch needs a fork (and by then I need a break!) Salad, of course – it was in the 90s here in New York! – with lettuce, cucumbers, and sweet peppers. (And without the tomatoes I forgot…) Some chicken and red beans completed the salad – brown rice ricecakes on the side.

WIAW 181

Dinner the night of the CSA pickup! I braised some more chicken, then sauteed last week’s zucchini, the last cooking pepper, and  part of a leek I’d washed but not used, and this week’s single ear of corn (starting to get smaller, again…) And I forgot the tomatoes, again… Served over brown rice…  And ice and a wedge of lime, in my water, in the pretty glass  (which I rarely remember to mention.)

So let’s go now and join Laura for her day of meals, in Jenn’s WIAW party.

WIAW 181



WIAW 181

2 thoughts on “WIAW 181 – Busy Season!”

  • Sharing a computer would be hard! We both live on ours though – hazards of working from home. I’m also super impressed you can eat left handed. I am left handed, but it takes a LOT of concentration to eat with my right. Happy WIAW!

    • Well – usually we have both lived on ours! But this happened to coincide with a stretch of him *not* working (mostly) from home. At the same time, I was exploring just how much I could do on the phone, for portability…

      It still didn’t work… LOL and would definitely not work if he gets a contract he’s up for, which would require full access. But I am indeed typing this on the new (to me, assembled from a pile of parts – It’s Alive!) computer! (I’m going to spend the next week logging back into every website I’ve ever used in my life… and apparently getting notices from half of them that Someone signed in from a device they do not recognize. LOL)

      Notice I can only eat tacos left handed. Or crackers or sandwiches… Nothing I can’t just pick up and munch on.

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