Spring in New YorkIt’s been a crazy week, here in New York. We had four days – luckily including the weekend – of gorgeous warm weather. Highs in the mid 70s, lots of sun. The flowers have finally started blooming – quite late, really, it’s been cold, until now.


I walked to Greenmarket – which still only really has carrots… Farmers were just starting to set plants out, hoping we’re finally past a hard frost. (One had sold out of some baby spinach… there’s hope!) But the park was crowded, the athletic field full of what looked like a hockey league starting to organize itself – groups in colored Tshirts practicing at goals or standing around, apparently waiting. Hockey players

Then the cold front came through – we had sleet and some snow, last night. It is now sunny and 30, instead of 76…  We’re still blinking.

eggs poaching in beansAnyway – food. I’ve been playing with my breakfasts… I tried refried beans with eggs, as something pretty quick and tasty. I mashed the beans with water, let them simmer to blend flavors, and dropped the eggs in to poach. (They’re prettier in the pan than on the plate.)

Breakfast - beans, eggs, and muffinsWith a muffin. I’m experimenting with recipes for corn muffins, to find one I really like that is really easy – possibly eventually a mix. And meanwhile – poor me – I have to eat the experiments…  (It’s not as if there is such a thing as a *bad* fresh homemade corn muffin.) Unfortunately I’m also experimenting with my camera – and that experiment didn’t work quite as well. Sorry for the fuzzy over exposed picture…

I did eat lunch, though you wouldn’t know it from the pictures…  a leftover bean/beef/veggie concoction. Not really enough left for lunch, so I also had rice cakes with pepperjack cheese.

Chickken, Pilau, and broccoli - inhabitedkitchen.comDinner was chicken cooked in the slow cooker (though without the sauce – just chicken) and a rice pilau, and frozen broccoli. I’ll write about the pilau later.


I am again joining the WIAW roundup at Peas and Crayons .


2 thoughts on “WIAW 17”

  • I’m a big fan of the crockpot! There is something so satisfying about walking in the door at the end of the day and knowing dinner is ready and waiting for you! I’m making some ropa vieja today in my crockpot, and if it turns out OK, it may show up on my blog in the near future!

    • Oh, sounds good!

      I love having dinner ready – and that most crockpot recipes work well in quantity, and reheat well. That’s the other trick – having already cooked food ready. I ate more of that chicken for lunch, today, and will have some for tomorrow’s dinner… You can always use cooked chicken.

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