WIAW 158 – Spring Hopes?

After a perfectly miserable winter, I seem to have turned a corner.


At least, I hope it’s a corner, not just a blip – but I felt better this week than I have in ages. And the No Time to Cook factor this week was not migraine, but that I was busy doing things! Being all productive! Oh, my, what a feeling!


For breakfast, I had the corn and millet mixed – grits? Polenta? Whatever, it’s working… When I tried the combination a while back as hot cereal,  I thought the flavor too bland, until I added teff. But as grits, with cheese added, and the egg, it’s delicious. And I finally started cleverly making a big batch and reheating, to save time.

A webinar I wanted to attend was scheduled for my usual lunchtime, so I made my closest current version of sandwiches. Three rice cakes, one with ham, one with Swiss cheese, and one with eggplant hummus (an experiment…) I could munch on them, watch the video, take notes… And the plate was small enough to stay out of my way.


May I just say that I miss rye bread? In all the gluten free groups or discussions I’ve seen, everyone talks about missing nice light fluffy white sandwich bread. Well, I never ate that anyway. I miss a good sour rye from the Kosher bakery around the corner… the perfect foundation for a (decidedly not Kosher) ham and Swiss sandwich! And crisp Scandinavian rye crackers. And pumpernickel. And, for that matter,  mushroom barley soup. Ah, well…  I have tried what purported to be “Rye style” bread, but it was all mushy (as all the commercial gluten free bread I’ve had was – apparently trying to reproduce that fluffy bread others like.) If I keep feeling better, though, I”ll get back to baking – and we’ll see what I can come up with then!


Anyhow…  I then needed a quick and easy dinner. I’m finally clearing out the last of the vegetables I froze last summer, buried in the very back of my freezer! I mostly freeze them when the CSA deliveries are getting ahead of me – but I do try to keep a few things for flavor. I thought I’d finished the roasted tomatoes, but I found one more bag, all the way in the back… And I had some Italian sausage.

So I sliced and cooked the sausage, added and cooked some onion, added the tomatoes and some cooked rice. Fast, easy – and a lovely reminder of the warmer weather… which is surely coming again!

Jenn’s WIAW party is at Laura’s, and Laura has been eating her way through Paris. Lucky duck!





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