WIAW 130

WIAW 130 - Inhabited Kitchen

This week I have played with recipes and some back end things for the blog. I have some recipes that are not ready for prime time (in these days of Netflix does anyone even say that any more?) but you’ll see them soon. My chances to really test recipes with fresh vegetables are limited, because I don’t know what I will get, but at this time of year I can count on tomatoes for another while.

I may do a site redesign – logo, anyone? – and I’m trying to fix some glitches. One thing about blogging – you never get bored, because you never run out of new things to learn!

What I Ate

For Breakfast I heated some shredded pork and then scrambled some egg with that, and made a taco.

WIAW 130 - Inhabited Kitchen

After a year of them I seem to be going off the beans for breakfast… I do seem to go through phases of breakfast. This is easy and I’ll make it (and not have to think…) and then that… It may be time to go round to egg muffins again. Or sausage. I ate sausage regularly for years, even made my own, and somehow… slid away from it. I haven’t made waffles, lately, either, and we will be back in porridge season in a month or so…

And those are just things I’ve made. I have a whole Pinterest board of breakfast ideas… Now, many of them I won’t eat as they are – the amount of sugar is amazing! – but I could adapt some of those, and others are fine for me as is. Why have I not made shakshuka? Or a Japanese breakfast of rice and miso soup? Or – I could do Breakfast Around the World – once a year or so (since that seems to be my rate of change, in the morning)  feature a new culture!

WIAW 130 - Inhabited Kitchen

Salad for lunch, of course. Fewer vegetables than usual – we picked up the CSA a few hours later, and I was out of radishes and scallions! Which does not explain the lack of cucumber – there is plenty of cucumber. At least I remembered the tomato! Lots of lettuce, marinated chick peas, cheese…

I won’t stop the salad any time soon. Partly, we do like them – and we have lots of lettuce! As it starts to cool, I may match a smaller salad with soup, though.

WIAW 130 - Inhabited Kitchen

Planning dinner, I wanted to finish the eggplant we already had, since we would certainly get more in the pickup. (I think I’ve mentioned that our CSA farmer specializes in a wide variety of eggplants? I definitely prefer the smaller ones – it’s a texture thing.) I had pork chops – and remembered that I’d written up a simmered pork and eggplant last year. I decided to leave the chops whole, and used broth I had from the pork shoulder I’d cooked earlier in the week, but otherwise followed the recipe.

You know, eggplant is so pretty raw. I had little thin white ones, and purple striped fairy tale eggplant, which are so sweet and creamy, as well as lovely to look at!  Then you cook them and they all turn a dull brown… Oh, well. So this is not an attractive meal, but it certainly is a delicious one. And I served it over cooked millet. I like any whole gluten free grain that cooks in fifteen minutes! It’s a bit bland alone – if I’ll serve it on the side I mix it with quinoa for flavor – but great with a well seasoned saucy dish like this.

I’d bought what I’m sure are the last of the strawberries, and mixed them with blueberries as a dessert. A nice little treat to end the day…

WIAW 130 - Inhabited Kitchen

Boy, I managed to take bad pictures all day… Sorry about that!

So come over to Laura’s for Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party! And eat your vegetables!



WIAW 130 - Inhabited Kitchen

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