WIAW 124 – Waiting

Waiting. Sometimes hurry up and wait, but usually, just waiting.

Waiting for legitimately very busy people to return phone calls. Waiting (it turned out) for an answer from someone on vacation to a question that had landed on his desk, not that of the person covering for him. Waiting for other people to find 30 year old (or older!) records and documents. Waiting to cross the “t”s and dot the “i”s…

WIAW 124 - Waiting - Inhabited Kitchen

Enough of that. I still had to eat…

I’ve been feeling scattered, and glad of the food I cooked ahead last week. I’ve been doing the tasks on the blog that needed me to sit down and sort, or go through things – not that took creativity. So I’ve cleared a few To Dos off my plate…

Breakfast was my bean tacos – refried pintos and egg. I cooked a batch of eggs up in the fry pan, and cut them in strips, so I could just pull a few out and microwave the whole thing. One of the fastest and easiest breakfasts around.

I forgot to take pictures of my lunch – but this is Rich’s half eaten one… Salad, hard cooked eggs (I cooked up a dozen to have on hand) and marinated chick peas. No pictures but I ate tortilla chips on the side.

Dinner – was better than it looks! That sort of brown beige sauce isn’t very pretty, but when I tell you it’s part of one of the projects I’ve been working on – instant mushroom sauce (to replace the cans so many of us use) – you’ll understand that it did taste good, with ham and kale…

Short post today, but there we are…

And we are going over to Laura’s for Jenn’s WIAW party. She got to the All Star Game! You know, I’d actually wondered, watching – she’s the only baseball fan I (kind of) know in San Diego. (She may be the only person I even sort of know in San Diego…)

WIAW 124 - Waiting - Inhabited Kitchen

2 thoughts on “WIAW 124 – Waiting”

  • summer is the pits to try get anything done involving other agencies. the U.S. seems to think not having ppl wkg, wk after wk, during summer is ok. everyone rotates their vaca so sumones always covering for sumone and JACK gets done. we crawl to the pace of a 3rd world nation here in the summer.
    and its tolerated…i dont get it.
    …rant over 🙂

    • Actually, I used to work in International Trade, and we get much more done in summer than most European countries! Most people there have more vacation time than we do, to begin with. And I don’t know if Italy still totally shuts down for the month of August, but it certainly used to – right in the middle of the busiest season for trade. (I worked with retail merchandise, and Christmas goods ship in August.)

      The person I’ve been dealing with who is currently on vacation has an incredibly high stress job, and I don’t grudge him one minute of his time. I just wish that, when I called on the Friday, someone had said “He might not see this, and he won’t be in” instead of leaving me wondering why my call was not returned. (And yes, he is the only one who can really answer my question, which is about something he did – one reason his job is stressful!)

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