WIAW 116 – and Making Plans

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

I give up on the weather. It’s jumping all over the place. It was colder this week than it was in March…

Which is not doing my migraines or my energy levels any good at all.

I’m experimenting with pulling back to one new recipe a week, as well as this post, and then promoting one old one (which sometimes involves new pictures, or other updates.) The concept is that this will give me the time to work on some new ideas, without needing them to be ready for prime time immediately. I’ve acquired some appliances that are new directions for me, and I want to learn to use them (and share that with you)  and I want to get back to the gluten free bread I was working on (and share that with you. I have quite a few ideas about bread, we’ll see if they work!) I’ve been putting off experiments so that I’ll have a Post for Friday – and in the long run, that’s limiting.

I’ve been writing Inhabited Kitchen regularly for three years, this month! Astonishing! I actually started it, just for fun, over on Blogger back in 2008 – eight years ago! But then, I did not have the time or energy to pursue it, and kind of floated in and out for a few years – so when I decided to blog seriously, I started very slowly, to be sure my health and other commitments would permit me to do this. (I didn’t even tell friends about it for a few months!) All that summer I wrote good basic posts (with really bad pictures…) about basic techniques I would later refer back to. (The original zucchini/knife skills post was one of them.) I need now to in some cases refurbish them a little (I’ve done that with a few already) and promote the old posts, and in some revisit the same concept in a new post, now that I will handle it better. And I have another two years after that, of good recipes that deserve another look. While at least some of you have seen some of them, many have not – and I’m sharing the ones I look back at myself!

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

So – bear with me, follow me on any of eight million social media platforms (or at least it feels like that many!) and you’ll still see links for two regular posts, as well as this one… it’s just that one will be new, and one will be an old one that most of you have never seen before. We’re coming into summer, when I write so much about fresh vegetables, but my season is later than much of the country. This allows me to share a post about corn, say, for the Fourth of July – weeks before I see fresh corn! So watch – not only this space, but… Facebook and Twitter, and of course Pinterest, and Instagram is my newest…  (Basically – it’s Inhabited Kitchen unless they didn’t let me have that many letters – in which case it is inhabitkitchen. I’m trying to avoid inhabiting kitch, which would be a whole other blog…) There you’ll see the Old Post Love, as well as these new ones. (And there I’ll also share projects I’m working on… so you’ll know what I am up to!)

Dare I dip my toe into Snapchat?? We’ll see…

Anyhow – not that I’ve discussed what I will do, here is what I did do – or at least, what I ate. Because it is Wednesday…

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

It did warm up – briefly… and porridge didn’t really feel right any more. I’m back in muffin season, apparently… Made a protein shake with kefir and orange juice, and protein powder, drank it with my coffee while the muffins baked, then enjoyed them. I’m starting a morning routine of listening to all the podcasts I never seem to get around to while I eat breakfast… Better start to my morning, I think, than what I had been doing – email and news and Facebook.

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

I’m so glad I developed a corn muffin mix – I wake up with no brain, and can throw this together quickly. And there is just something about fresh hot muffins and coffee that makes me feel that I’m taken care of. I’m at the table, now, not my desk, looking out at a sunny day (well – sometimes…) and ready to take on the world.

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

I still often have my tacos for breakfast – but when I don’t, I may have some for lunch. I certainly can eat tortillas at two meals, of course – but for some reason I don’t tend to. This time, I cooked some of the lovely fresh spinach we finally have, scrambled eggs with cheese, mixed it together and wrapped them in warmed corn tortillas… Delicious. (And I confess I did eat that one at my desk, so was glad to be able to pick them up.)

And for dinner – well, the zucchini isn’t from the farmer’s market, but it was available at the supermarket, and I had some shredded pork, and not much energy or inspiration – it happens… So the zucchini is roll cut, the pork tossed in to heat, a little broth added, and the whole thing put over rice. And for an essentially unimaginative meal, it tasted pretty good!

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

Sometimes meals are scintillating, sometimes they are not, but good food prepared well is always basically good… and if that’s your bottom line, you’re doing pretty well. I’ll play with spices and sauces and techniques another day – I’ve been working on a mushroom sauce for everyday use that is quite promising – but even without it, the food itself is good.

So, join me in dancing over to Laura’s at Sprint 2 the Table for Jenn’s WIAW party!

And I hope I’ll see you around on social media, where I”ll be sharing both old and new recipes! (And other projects!)

WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen


WIAW 116 - and Making Plans - Inhabited Kitchen

4 thoughts on “WIAW 116 – and Making Plans”

    • Somehow it feels so much nicer than a piece of toast, doesn’t it?

      Someone was recently sympathizing with Rich, after being horrified that he no longer eats the cereal he ate for years because it was hard to keep it from cross contaminating my food. And we just laughed – poor man, can’t eat cold cereal, has to make do with fresh hot homemade muffins…

      Well. When you put it that way… 😉

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