WIAW 105 – March!

WIAW 105 - March!  Inhabited Kitchen

March is roaring in like a lion, all right – the wind has been howling for several days, now. And I am… not at my best, so this will be short. I can celebrate, though, that Meteorological Spring has begin… I was so delighted when I finally came across that concept as a Science Thing a few years ago, because that is absolutely the way seasons work, here – the season changes at the beginning of the month, not three weeks later.

This has – mostly – been a weirdly warm winter (except for that one weirdly cold spell!) but still… I can start to look for crocus, and buds on trees – and Spring Training baseball games! And I’m starting to collect pictures of all of the above… just to make me happy.

Anyhow – Sunday’s meals.

WIAW 105 - March!  Inhabited Kitchen

I had made another pot of pulled pork. This time, as an experiment, I started it with a bit of orange juice, and added some spices – very subtle flavor, but I liked it, and will follow up on that one. So then, in the morning, I mixed some of that with a can of kidney beans (I didn’t have cooked beans? Well – they’d all gone into the chili…) for my breakfast tacos. Very nice! And as always, drank coffee with them.

WIAW 105 - March!  Inhabited Kitchen

Boy, lunch looks… um…  I did have cooked lentils, which I was using in soup, and this is lentil soup, though you wouldn’t know it, and I sure wasn’t at my best when I took that picture… I think I had leftover corn muffins with it, and didn’t even remember to photograph them. It all did taste somewhat better than it looked…

WIAW 105 - March!  Inhabited Kitchen

Dinner was more of that pulled pork, with carrots, and mushroom gravy (though you don’t see that.) I’m playing with some ideas for gravy and sauce – easy ways to make a quick and easy, gluten free, all natural sauce… and this was the first iteration of one idea. I’d say it essentially worked, though it still needs polishing…  Watch This Space!

Oh – and I realized I rarely mention beverages with lunch or dinner. That’s because I almost always drink water – occasionally seltzer. At lunch, I just drink from the water glass that sits next to me all day – but at dinner I use one of the pretty blue goblets Rich’s parents gave us – the same ones I use for my shake in the morning. And at dinner I always add ice, and sometimes a bit of lemon or lime… And I should get that into the picture and mention it more often…

So Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday still dances about…  What are you eating? Are you starting to get Spring vegetables and fruit? (Lucky ducks!) Do you have flowers yet? Please, tell me Spring is really happening somewhere!

WIAW 105 - March!  Inhabited Kitchen



4 thoughts on “WIAW 105 – March!”

  • I normally don’t comment but wanted to say that I enjoy reading your WIAW posts 🙂 Plus that breakfast is right up my alley…although I might add an additional (or maybe bottomless??) cup of coffee haha.

    • Thank you! I’m so glad you dropped in (for a cup of coffee?) and that you enjoy the posts!

      There is always this feeling of sending posts out into the ether, like releasing a balloon, and wondering if anyone actually reads them… I mean, I have statistics and analytics to tell me that someone does, but they never feel real. Your comment, on the other hand, just makes my day. Thank you!

    • Oh, what a lovely memory! Mine was a gift, too – a friend gave it to me for Valentine’s, years ago, shortly after my parents died, before I knew Rich, when she knew I was feeling a bit lonely. I cherish the reminder of caring…

      And we don’t quite live on lentil soup for lunch in the winter – but sometimes it feels that way… It just hits the right spot.

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