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Summer Corn and Tomatoes — 2 Comments

  1. Oh lovely. I love home grown tomatoes they taste much nicer. I am not sure that it is warm enough here for corn, would be lovely to grow it as well
    • I have to admit - these are not home grown. (I live in Mid-Manhattan...) They're from my CSA/Farm Share, though, so - locally grown, picked fully ripe, eaten soon after harvest. And that certainly does make a difference... I don't know about temperatures - corn grows well here in places that get pretty cold even in summer, but also get hot during the day - but you do have to have a fairly large garden for it. Each stalk only produces a few ears, and you need a good sized patch for pollination. Most people here even in the country don't grow it themselves, but buy it from local farmers. (Take a look at the Corn on the Cob post for a description of that process in farm country when I was a girl!)

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