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Sugarfree Black Forest Pudding — 6 Comments

  1. This looks delicious! I know what you mean about the 'sugarfree' craze and peeps using other sugars. I do try to use less than everyone else, because I have a sweet tooth! But I still use it! I have to try your recipe!
    • Well - I realize I wasn't clear - most people have no need to avoid it completely. Rich still eats some sweets and it doesn't bother him at all. But I, personally, have found avoiding works better for me than limiting... which I had done, with difficulty, for years. But that's my body, and my choice. When I figure out a good sugarfree recipe, though, I like to share it, because there are others avoiding it completely - and many more trying to decrease the amount of sugar they eat. I think it's nice to know there are options!
  2. This sounds wonderful! I'm not the biggest fan of overly sweet desserts (and when given the choice, I'll take savoury over sweet for snacks any day!), so I love that you've used the natural sweetness of the fruit for this pudding. Plus chocolate and cherries is always a great combination!
    • Thanks! Chocolate does need... something... to balance it, but cherries are so sweet on their own! And they add flavor as well as sweetness. I thought this really worked well.

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