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  1. Never tried a bean soup.. I make bean curry often but have to try a soup with them. Thanks for sharing.. it seems perfect for the snowy days we are having these days and they don't look like, they are going anywhere soon. So I need lots of soup recipes :-)
    • Yes, absolutely cold climate classics! Our versions of dal, when you get down to it - but hearty and warming. Thanks, and enjoy it!
    • Oh, great! I'm honestly surprised I never posted one before - but this is a good one to start with, since it's very easy but has lots of flavor!
    • Thanks! It was great in cold weather - but also nice the way Rich's dad eats it, with a sandwich or something. Hearty enough for our lunch, but not too heavy for him, if you see what I mean...
  2. I love soup year round! Hubby doesn't really like it as a meal, but I do! Your black bean soup looks delicious and super easy!! I've never used chipotle puree but I am longing to, now that I've seen your recipe!! Great job!
    • That's kind of where we are - to me, it's a meal, to the parents it's an extra (and she doesn't much care for it even as such.) This one seemed to balance nicely between them - pureeing the soup seems to make it feel light enough to him. I don't remember where I first saw the suggestion to puree chipotle in adobo, but it's a game changer - I use it so much more! Cooking for two (or even one) I rarely wanted a whole pepper, and fishing one out and chopping the slippery thing never seemed quite worthwhile in the press of dinner prep, but I use this all the time. And because of the vinegary adobo sauce, it keeps quite nicely for a week or two (probably longer but I don't think it ever had to...)
    • I never added this much before. I have often added just a tablespoon or two of tomato paste - it rounds out the flavor remarkably without you noticing what it is. This time, though, I was - well, not copying but inspired by, shall we say, a commercial soup Don likes which did have more tomato. And for various reasons he's been urged to include cooked tomato in his diet... this is simple enough. And we really do like the flavor as well!

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