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Breakfast Bean Tacos — 26 Comments

  1. I love a hearty savory breakfast like this! Where I grew up in Panama we would often have a traditional breakfast of a thick corn tortilla and you top it with cheese or ham. The cheese and beans sound great too! Thanks for sharing!
    • That sounds good! I've used ham once in a while, but tend not to think of it... But really, you can do almost anything with it... Thank you!
    • LOL And I use corn tortillas because I never did like the texture of flour tortillas. To each her own - isn't it nice that we can vary it so easily! Thank you, and enjoy it!
  2. We love breakfast burritos and tacos! They are such an easy meal to put together. Plus, they're filling. These would be great for an easy weekday breakfast. They sound awesome.
    • Thanks! Probably - but they're so fast and easy to assemble I never even thought about it. (And I do not have freezer space for that...) If you try it, I'd love to hear how it goes!
  3. Oh this sounds like a weekend breakfast or brunch treat in our home. So hearty and sumptuous. I love the sound of smoky cumin in there. I can almost smell the flavor coming thru.
    • LOL I don't actually limit them to breakfast. Pretty good lunch, too! Though at lunch I'm a little more apt to add a little salsa or tomato or... anything that takes some shred of brain. Breakfast is pretty stripped down. Thanks!
    • LOL It does take kind of a mental jump - but I learned long ago that beans for breakfast work really well for me! And it is filling, without being heavy.
    • That sounds great! To freeze them, you might want to make burritos instead of tacos - with the larger flour tortillas, as I think they hold together better...

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