Baked Vegetable Medley

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Baked Vegetable Medley served with Chicken - Inhabited KitchenThis is starting to feel like All Root Vegetables, All the Time… but that’s winter for you. Soup, stew, and turnips… and meals from the oven.

I was baking some chicken legs, and, as long as I had the oven on, thought I might do a baked potato. Checking my crisper, I found I had a couple of small potatoes (including one that had… lingered longer than perhaps ideal…) and a rutabaga, and half a kohlrabi, and a white turnip. So I decided I wanted to go ahead and cook all of them. Oh – and a carrot. Any mix will do, though… Onions would have been a good addition,but I was out. (Gasp! How  can I cook without an onion?)  This does really well as leftovers, so it makes sense to go ahead and make a large batch – that way I have something I can quickly microwave, or drop into soup, or add to a sauce…

Trimming potatoSo, I washed all my vegetables, peeled the kohlrabi and rutabaga – and trimmed that sorry potato. This is actually a very good way to use vegetables that Really Should Be Eaten Soon…  that need a little trimming, or are just starting to soften a bit…  (and I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need that kind of recipe) though of course it is even better if everything is fresh and good.

Roast Vegetables have been a bit trendy for a while, and many people add other vegetables, too – broccoli, cauliflower, others…  I, personally, don’t like them cooked this way – if you do, feel free to add them. Pan of Raw Vegetables - Inhabited Kitchen

I chopped them all up, put them in a large pan, decided they were too crowded, put half in another pan… (Don’t I sound like an expert? Laughing…) I drizzled olive oil over them all, added a splash of vinegar and some Spike (a seasoned salt available in natural food stores and some supermarkets – I’ve used it for years, and like it.) Tossed it all to coat all the vegetables with the oil and vinegar mix.

I had already preheated the oven to 400, so I put the pans in (along with the chicken.) Cooked it for 15 minutes, lowered the heat to 350, gave it another half hour.  I usually see recipes calling for high heat the whole time, but I don’t care for the way the vegetables shrink and sometimes char – this is prepared to my taste.

Baked Vegetable MedleySpeaking of charring – this was interesting. Remember how I started in one pan, and added another? The first was stainless steel, the second a fairly heavy aluminum baking pan. Aluminum conducts heat more. The same food at the same heat for the same time – the vegetables in the aluminum did char on the bottom very slightly – the ones in the steel did not. I didn’t stir when they were half cooked – that might have prevented that. (Or might not…) They weren’t badly burned – still perfectly edible – so I mixed the contents of the two pans together, so every serving had really browned (sort of blackened) crunchy bits in with the other softer pieces. Nice contrast…

The chicken legs, by the way, had essentially the same treatment. I just put them in a small roasting pan, on a rack, and baked them. The fat ran off, the skin turned a delicate golden brown and got very crisp, the meat was tender and still moist. In theory, one can sprinkle seasoning on it, but that only seasons the skin, so I never really saw the point. My mom used to add a touch of paprika for color – but I like the color fine as it is. I cooked four legs, as long as I was doing it, because you can always used cooked chicken… and, between the chicken and the vegetables, I have enough left for at least another meal – more if I change the way I serve them.

(I promise – I’ll do something that doesn’t involve turnips… soon… sometime soon…)

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10 thoughts on “Baked Vegetable Medley”

    • Thanks. The cool thing is that you can do any combination. I usually use fewer potatoes, more carrots or parsnips - but potatoes were what I needed to use... I like things flexible.
    • I totally agree! And I just tossed some of the leftovers into a chicken soup - the roasting adds so much depth of flavor... I love it!
  • One reason for browning vs. not browning is that dark pans are better for browning than shiny ones: , via .
    • Valid - except that there isn't any difference between the pans, in this case. I think it's that the actual heat of the pans is different... It wasn't a problem, but I thought it was interesting.
    • I don't roast vegetables as often as I might - and every time I do, I wonder why... They just feel.. .cozy. And I love having several meal's worth - makes the rest of the week easier.
  • I love roast veg - the way the sweetness comes out is just wonderful. Thanks for linking up with #recipeoftheweek. I've pinned and tweeted this post, and I see you've already joined in the fresh linky for this week. Hurrah!
    • Emily, thank you for providing the link party! Every week, I find new and interesting recipes and blogs at your #recipeoftheweek. It's a lot of fun!

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