What I Ate Wednesday #1


WIAW Collage 12-4

Something I’ve been seeing around the blog community is What I Ate Wednesday. People post pictures and descriptions of a day’s worth of food… a snapshot, as it were. Usually it’s an ordinary day, though sometimes people choose a day that’s a bit different – a travel  day, or a party day, or whatever. And some people do it specifically to see for themselves what they eat, and whether there’s a pattern they want to continue or change. There’s no rule about what day you choose – Wednesday is the day of posting, not the day of eating.

I thought it might be a good way to illustrate the way I cook and eat. Soups and leftovers for lunch all winter, salads all summer. Food I’ve cooked turning up in different ways – yes, that’s last week’s pot roast – or, this week, turkey – shredded into the beans… And for me, it will be fun to look back and say “Oh, right, that’s what I did that time – I liked it!” (Or I didn’t like it… you’ll probably see a few of the “Well, it wasn’t bad…” meals I might not normally write about…)

This was Monday. My usual breakfast…
WIAW Breakfast
Steel cut oatmeal, a protein shake made with plain yogurt, apple cider, and protein powder. My current experiment – “egg muffins…”  finely chopped vegetables and sometimes a bit of sausage bound together with egg and baked in a muffin pan.




Lunch  –

WIAW Lunch

The turkey soup I made this week. (Turkey, not chicken, barley, not noodles…) And Lundberg brown rice cakes with a little cheese (as there wasn’t quite enough turkey or barley in the soup…)


Dinner – WIAW Dinner

By now I’d had enough stuffing, turkey gravy, and other aspects of rich meat heavy meals. I wanted something lighter. I mixed turkey with chick peas (a can, this  time – I’d been doing so much other cooking I didn’t have cooked beans on hand – which is the reason I keep canned beans as well) and a can of diced tomatoes. (It’s December. Even this unusually warm season finally is no longer giving us tomatoes. I’d much rather eat good canned tomatoes than the pale pink plastic in the stores that have traveled across a continent… I actually use canned tomatoes a lot, in winter.)

Oddly, while we no longer have tomatoes, we do have spinach, usually a spring crop. The farmer seems to have put some in, betting on a late killing frost, and won… Usually we only see the hardy greens, now, not the tender ones, even that thrive in cool weather.

As I get more used to doing this, I’ll have direct links to more blogs doing it (and I may have a chance to add some here, later.) Meanwhile, though, take a look at Peas and Crayons, who is hosting this and has a huge collection of links. Including, hopefully, mine – as I go and try Linking Up for the first time! (Note: Links are not curated. She encourages vegetables – the reason I feel at home in this – but the presence of a link is not an endorsement by her or me. It’s just a party… come and have fun!)

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