Well, that was a week… I had some health issues, and the weather made them worse…  Then I got a new computer (lucky me!) and time was spent getting it set up and relearning things I thought I knew how to do! And, then…

BreakfastI ate. I always eat…  I know that, for me and my body, “just grabbing something” is the path to falling apart – so I ate three meals, every day. 

Along the way, I did shake up my breakfast, at least a little…  I had a real treat – chocolate almond milk (unsweetened) for my shake! So a rich chocolate shake, and my oatmeal… delicious.

LunchLunch was soup and sandwich. I made a lovely pot of Empty the Fridge soup. Several leftovers, and some frozen okra, and homemade chicken stock made a very good soup. Then peanut butter on whole wheat bread.

Dinner was.. something… I started browning onions, then checked something on the website – and it was down. The next hour or so was spent alternately cooking/eating and troubleshooting/filing a trouble ticket. It did come back up fairly soon, I now know what to look for and how to contact Support, and we ate… (Rich says I should give you a screenshot of the Error message, since I didn’t get a picture of dinner.) As I recall, we had leftover tomatoes from the Swiss steak I’m going to write about, and cooked chicken, and some more of that okra – sort of gumbo inspired. Over the ubiquitous brown rice. (One of these days, I need to write a post about cooking whole grains.)

And, as always, I’m joining Peas and Crayons on What I Ate Wednesday. I do love my veggies…

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