WIAW 178

WIAW 178

Mostly, today, it’s migraine weather… so this will be brief. (Yes, thank you, I’m fine now, or I would not be writing this, but… a bit worn around the edges.)

Oh, well…

WIAW 178

Too bad, because I’m telling your about a great breakfast I had! I finally got my act together and made egg muffins again – and they are so handy to have on hand! And then, a day later, I made corn muffins – and added my apple spice blend (though no apples.) Now, I really like the apple muffins I make last year, but I make them from scratch. This time, I didn’t have any actual apples, and I didn’t want to fool around with measuring flours but I had corn muffin mix made up, and just added some spice, and some maple flavoring.  It worked very well. (And the kitchen smelled like spices all morning – it was wonderful!)

WIAW 178

And I made Tuna Chickpea Salad – still definitely a favorite. It’s funny – most of the time I don’t repeat actual recipes, just ideas – but this worked so well I’ve made the same thing over and over, and we’re not tired of it! This had less mayo – otherwise known as Finishing the Jar – but that was all right…

For dinner (oh, look – a meal that does not follow one of my written-up recipes! LOL) I sauteed tofu and ham, and added summer squash. Added some broth from cooking the ham, and served over brown rice. Basic and good.  And easy…

I am enjoying the cooler weather – September and October have always been my favorite time of year.  I hope you’re all enjoying it, too! (And it won’t be too much longer before porridge and soup join, and even replace,  muffins and salad in my meals!)

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WIAW 178 - a day of food in September


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