WIAW 155

So a week ago it was 70° here, and now it’s pushing 60°, but Sunday morning it was only 15°!

WIAW 155 - March Winds

I’m not going to even talk about what this week was like for my weather-sensitive body…  shudder

But I ate. Actually, eating good balanced meals at regular intervals is even more important when other migraine triggers are in play – so I had to be particularly careful about eating. And, well – Rich did more than his share of the cooking…

WIAW 155 - March Winds

At least I usually get breakfast in before any problems. These days, mornings are my relaxed times… I can have my breakfast and my coffee while I look through Twitter for material to share, and read email, and news.

I combined millet with the grits, again, which seems to work nicely. Added cheese, and eggs… a pretty easy breakfast.

WIAW 155 - March Winds

By lunchtime, I wasn’t quite so chipper. But Rich had made tuna salad the day before, and there was enough left…  That (or salmon salad) are the only things he makes on his own even if I’m just fine – it was one of his staples when he was single, and he just likes to have it sometimes – the way he makes it. But this time, I then added bean sprouts to the salad that was left, because I like crunchy vegetables in it, and he doesn’t particularly, so doesn’t use any.  And I ate it on brown rice cakes… Very easy (since the salad was already made…)

WIAW 155 - March Winds

By dinner time I was totally out of it – so he stepped up again. I sort of threw him at the kitchen mumbling that there was food, there, find it and heat it… I’d cooked the corned beef and cabbage for the post the day before, and he’d had a little of the meat for lunch… so decided to finish the potatoes and cabbage, but use some cooked ham, instead of more corned beef. (Somehow we’re in Cured Meat season – I made a point of cooking a chicken breast the next night, for a change!) Then he added some peas from the freezer, because there wasn’t enough cabbage…

And he reminded me to take a picture of it – I doubt I’d have remembered!

So Laura, who is hosting Jen’s WIAW party today, had a much better week that I did (though with more drama…)   Go over and read a post that’s more fun than this!  And I’ll be back next week, hopefully with a bit more brain.

WIAW 155 - Marcxh Winds


2 thoughts on “WIAW 155”

    • Thank you!

      Fortunately, mine aren’t terrible any more – just frequent. Apparently having migraines get milder is a perk of aging… They do still hurt, though, and even more these days, exhaust me, so it’s hard to do anything else. (Which is the primary reason I mention them… the blog is all about doing things when I really can’t – do anything.)

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