WIAW 109

WIAW 109 - Inhabited Kitchen

March winds, April showers – or then again, howling wind, pouring rain, and oh, my, the weather fronts are coming through one after the other…

WIAW 109 - Inhabited Kitchen

I took this Mood Picture of my breakfast – well – I didn’t plan a Mood Picture, it’s just that I set up a daylight picture and there wasn’t a whole lot of daylight, the rain was so bad. I thought it looked sort of interesting though, so I kept it… I actually did some color balance, it was all much more blue to begin with! That gray pitcher in the background belong to my parents, and aside from the emotional factor, it’s a pleasure to hold, and a good size.We keep it on the table filled with water and ice at meals, to refill glasses. I’ll get a better picture one of these days…

Zane, the Big Cat

And the other bit of white is a roll of paper towels. Yes, we have paper towels on the breakfast table. It’s March, and we have cats with very dense coats…  I got a picture of Zane being sleek, elegant, and disapproving.  (He feels like a good quality plush toy – that super dense fur) One of Jirra being fluffy. (And lots of her being wiggly…) I started with her on the bed, too, but they’re all blurry,  finally Rich held her…

Jirra the Fluffy Cat

Sometimes we need that reminder that they are cute and affectionate and fun, and not just nuisances to comb and brush and still clean up after…  Even in March. (Tip – a Russian Blue and a Maine Coon are lovely cats – but boy do they shed fur!)

WIAW 109 - Inhabited Kitchen


Anyhow… The better picture of my breakfast (I couldn’t crop the paper towels without cropping the coffee cup, which is where that whole discussion started…) My bean tacos. I’d cooked a batch of beans, and then made an omelet and cut it in strips, so I could just assemble tacos, and add a little cheese. Fast, easy, delicious, nutritious, there are reasons I keep coming back to that breakfast.

Lunch – I just got a ham slice for Easter, not a whole ham, because the store only seemed to have massive ones, and even I don’t want a twenty pound hunk of meat! So there was a little leftover, not a lot… I had some corn muffins I’d baked a couple of days earlier (using my all corn muffin mix, if you are interested, so it’s easy enough to throw together in the morning.) I split the muffins, put a piece of ham on each, and heated them – then added cheese and heated it until it melted. Easy and tasty.

WIAW 109 - Inhabited Kitchen

Somehow, though, I haven’t had enough vegetables for lunch lately, I realize looking at these posts…  I always have plenty in salads, and usually a reasonable amount in soup, but as I’ve branched out in my lunches I haven’t always included them. I think I need to make batches of those various winter salads – kohlrabi remoulade, carrot ginger, etc. – to tide me over. If there’s a container ready, I’ll eat it. Time also to sprout beans – even when I start to get greens I’ll welcome them to stretch a lunch salad.

Yes, we’re starting to get fresh vegetables at Union Square – but just a few, so far – and I’m not always up to the two mile round trip walk. Last time I looked, the closer market (which is only once a week anyway) didn’t yet have much.

WIAW 109 - Inhabited Kitchen

And, speaking of fronts coming through, and not always being up to doing something… the migraine hit just as I started to get things ready for dinner. Well, the possibility of that is the reason there was a container of chili in the freezer… (and if there hadn’t been, that’s one of the handful of canned prepared foods we keep on hand, for days like this. We found one that is gluten free – you do need to read labels, of course.One brand we used to get uses flour!) I waved vaguely at Rich, and lay down… When I got back up, he heated the chili, cooked some cabbage, plated it (you can always tell when he serves things. I dump, he arranges.) I started eating and then remembered it was The Day of Food, so he took pictures, too. See what he does for you all? (Or maybe for me?)

I keep getting distracted by Projects. I’m looking at several New To Me (but not other people) foods that are naturally gluten free – I’m a big fan of working with what you can eat instead of imitations of food you can’t. At the same time, bread is so much part of our culture, I really do need to return to what I was doing there – I’d hit a wall, so went away for a while to let the ideas leaven (if the dough wouldn’t) and need to try this again. And then there’s technology – some cooking, some other, you’ll hear about it all as I either acquire or master them…

Jirrra the Little Cat

And she’s asleep now, but when she wakes she’s going to bring me a toy, so obviously I need to stop and play. And we’ll dance for Jenn’s What I Ate Wednesday party! What are you eating? Do you have fresh vegetables yet? Do you have cats who want you to leave that silly table and play with them?

WIAW 109 - Inhabited Kitchen


2 thoughts on “WIAW 109”

  • :'( I’m sorry you were struggling with a migraine girl. <3 I HOPE you feel better soon. God is the great Maker and Healer of our bodies.

    • Thank you!

      I have chronic migraine – mild, as migraines go, but frequent. That was actually a major factor in developing the way I cook – I cannot predict what condition I’ll be in when it’s time to cook, so I came up with methods to still let me put a homemade meal on the table.

      And then I realized they would help others, too – who might themselves deal with illness, or crazy schedules, or other issues that get in the way of cooking. So I started the blog!

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