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Homemade Unsweetened Granola — 6 Comments

    • Hmm... I never really thought about that. I'm sure you could, but I don't think you'd need to, unless you are keeping it unusually long. I haven't tried it, myself. One recipe lasts me a couple of weeks, in my hot kitchen (and I usually make it in summer - I eat hot cereal in winter.) There is nothing in it that would go bad, until you reached the point of concern about the nuts and oils going rancid - I have never reached that point yet. Thinking - sealed well, it would certainly keep, but I'm not sure if freezing would affect the texture - it might lose a little crunchiness. Which might or might not matter to you... Thank you for asking! And if you do try freezing it, I'd love to hear how it works out!
  1. Thanks for blogging on this I have a local baker who makes this but it's expensive so I wanted to make my own. Do you use "instant" rolled oats or some regular rolled oats (or are those the same)?
    • You're welcome, and thank you! OK - rolled oats. The difference is how thin the pieces are, which affects how quickly they cook, and how chewy they are. Instant (usually in my experience sold in little packets for way too much money) are the thinnest, Regular are a bit thicker and Old Fashioned are the thickest. I use Regular for this - Old Fashioned gets a bit chewy for my taste (though some like it, and if you have that it can be used.) I think Instant might be a bit fragile, but honestly I never used it in this. I could see using it if you had a bit of trouble chewing, though in that case I'd probably skip the granola and just cook my oats... Might be nice for variety, though. I hope you enjoy it!
  2. I made this last night and am so pleased with it I like corn flakes and fresh strawberries at this time of year but think corn flakes aren't the best choice I dislike sweetened cereals so was trying for an alternative that wouldn't conflict with the berries This is perfect! No overwhelming taste of peanuts, tho I think next time I will use almond butter as that might be more neutral. It fits the bill perfectly. I will give some to my sisters to see if they concur!
    • Wonderful! Thank you for letting me know! I'd love to hear how the almond butter turns out. PB is what I tend to have around, but options are always good... And I agree about letting the flavor of the fruit come through!

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