Moving (and Packing Meals for Travel)

Throwing the door open wide…

We’re here! We’ve moved in! This is now the site the Inhabited Kitchen is, well, inhabiting. We’ve moved over from Blogger, and will go forward from here.
Packed lunch, ready to travel - Inhabited
I do still need to unpack a little, and organize the cabinets, and eventually I’ll change the curtains… As in – not all the features I intend to offer are live, yet, and I want to clean up formatting on the transferred posts, and the site in general still needs tweaking. You know – like the first month in a new home, when you still wonder where you will put the baking sheets, and where you did put the dishtowels. But the teapot is unpacked and on the table – have some tea! (I’m sure there’s a mug here someplace…)

I have to apologize, because, in the last week or so, I’ve been concentrating on site building, not blogging. And Rich was away for more than a week, helping his parents with some things… which made me that much more likely to just finish leftovers and eat omelets… and I haven’t been cooking or writing very much.

But I did pack him a meal for the trip – and that seems fitting for the move.

He had a long flight, with a transfer, and he flew an airline that saves money by not providing amenities. Such as food…  But he was leaving the house a while before he’d normally eat lunch, and arriving long after he’d normally eat dinner, and the transfer wasn’t really long enough for him to count on finding something in the airport – and having time to eat it. sandwich and vegetables

I made the sandwich with thin slices of pot roast. It’s hard to see through the baggie, but the front layer on the left is a cut meatloaf muffin – I baked meatloaf in muffin tins. They freeze better than the slices (they don’t stick together) and are great for pulling out in a pinch, as you can get just the serving size you want. In this case, I cut one that was still frozen in half, so it also kept the rest of the lunch cold, while it thawed enough to eat.

There are also grape tomatoes, carrot sticks, and cucumber sticks. Everything is cut for ease of eating, in case he found himself eating with one hand and holding the container with the other. I don’t usually pack a meal in eight million baggies… I don’t usually use any at all… but this was going to rattle around a lot in his bag. I didn’t want the vegetables or the thawing meat to get the sandwich soggy, or a burst tomato to make everything a mess. packed lunch

So – he traveled, and I moved the blog, and he came home (the cats are happy – well, so am I) and we’re all settled down and home now, and November brought in cold weather, and we’ll be back to normal, soon…

Meanwhile – we are on Facebook

and Twitter

(That’s inhabit kitchen… turns out, when you name a blog, you should make sure you have no more than 15 letters in the title. Who knew? Inhabitedkitch just didn’t have the right feel…)

And Pinterest

And hopefully soon I’ll have all the appropriate buttons loaded and working…

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