WIAW 92 - Inhabited Kitchen

Now we have passed Thanksgiving here in the US, and are settling down for winter. (Even though it isn’t really Winter for a few more weeks…) It does usually start to feel like Winter here around now – but I must say, this year, it’s been in the high 50s and raining, and feels more Blah than anything… (Which isn’t really unusual for December, here.)

So I’m starting to play holiday music, and try to wrap my mind around holiday cooking, and what recipes I should work on for the blog… Hey, help me out, here! I can’t promise anything, but if there is something you want that you think fits this blog, please let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

WIAW 92 - Inhabited Kitchen

Meanwhile, on Saturday, I ate… I finished both the sausage and the waffles, for breakfast, with an egg. And coffee. With cream, instead of my usual milk, since I still had some… My waffle recipe, which worked well in my old iron, seems a little dense in the deeper one, so it may need some tinkering. (Or maybe I just didn’t beat the egg well enough…) It still tasted good, but – it’s funny when you find something you hadn’t thought of as a variable. I hae some ideas for variations anyhow, so… you’ll be seeing waffles.

WIAW 92 - Inhabited Kitchen

Yes, this was two days after Thanksgiving. Yes, that’s salad for lunch. I still have three heads of lettuce in the fridge, from the CSA  and even with good vegetable storage, they won’t last forever! Some sweet peppers, too, though we’re out of all other salad type vegetables… time for me to start sprouting. I have a useful gadget that makes it really easy to sprout beans and seeds. I need to get more of the mixed seeds – but I have mung beans, and bean sprouts are useful in all kinds of recipes all winter.

As well as the vegetables, there were cooked Roman beans, and feta cheese (The East Village Cheese Store has reopened, in its new space. Hooray!) and my usual oil and vinegar dressing. And… I don’t seem to have taken a picture… I’d made corn muffins the day before, so ate a couple of them.

WIAW 92 - Inhabited Kitchen

Dinner was another variation on Thanksgiving Leftovers… We already had the Creamed Turkey version, and a day later we had the Bread Pudding made of Stuffing version… Saturday, I cut up the rest of the squash we had not finished, mixed it with more Roman beans, a little turkey, some sauteed onion and, well – we have entered Frozen Peas season… I do still have fresh vegetables, but Rich picked these up last week to make things easy for me, and I’d rather not use up all the vegetables we froze over the summer right away. Space them out a little, we’ll want chard in February, for variety…

Jenn’s party is over at Laura’s – she’s starting to wrap her mind around holidays, too! (The life of a food blogger… LOL)   Come and look!

WIAW 92 - Inhabited Kitchen

Musing… Sugar free, gluten free gingerbread… do you think I can pull it off?


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