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Still running…  next week will be calmer.

BreakfastBreakfast – eggs, beans, and muffins. Recycled idea, recycled picture…

Salad for Lunch - www.inhabitedkitchen.comLunch. I’m starting to see some salad stuff – scallions, arrugula, radishes – in Greenmarket, but no lettuce yet. But I was in the store with a good produce department – and I am so ready for salad! So I got some lovely red leaf lettuce, and am starting my salad lunches. Did not, then, get to Greenmarket for add ins… they’ll come. But chicken, feta cheese, and lentils, and bean sprouts, and homemade salad dressing, and rice cakes on the side…

I should mention, along the way – my rice cakes are the Lundberg brown rice cakes. They have twice as much rice as most others, and actually *taste* good, without having to add a lot of seasoning (I do use the ones with salt – salt isn’t an issue for me.)  These are not the styrofoam coated in “Cheeze” powder you sometimes see.

Ham, beans and greens - www.inhabitedkitchen.comThen I headed out to my workshop. When I got home, dinner was the carefully planned and then thrown together meal I wrote about yesterday…   I’ve also eaten slow cooked chicken with rice and frozen vegetables, and tomorrow will be the blackeyed peas, again (this time possibly with cooked chicken, instead of ham.)

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Joining Jenn at Peas and Crayons…   where I always see interesting ideas.

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