WIAW 164 – Spring? Summer?

So on Saturday the temperature dropped into the 40s, and I made soup for dinner, then I wrote about it – and now it’s 90°F. Don’t ask…

WIAW 164 - Spring? Summer?

Rich is off to visit his parents, with a collection of Easy Recipes to make for them while he’s there. So I will shortly get a critique of exactly how clear and easy my recipes really are… He’s not really a cook, but he’s very good at following directions when he does something unfamiliar.  (When he hired staff, his key question was “You’re using a totally unfamiliar computer/operating program/software/whatever… and it stops working. What do you do now?” The answer he was looking for was “Check the manual” – he wanted people who’d do that first, in case it was an easy fix or a known issue.) And a college housemate tells me he was the best cook in the house, because he was the only one who would follow recipes! (Mind you – I don’t, unless I’m cooking something – well – unfamiliar. And that’s the key. Don’t improvise unless you know what you are doing. Or are willing to Learn those Lessons – and no one else will have to deal with the results.)

WIAW 164 - Spring? Summer?

Anyhow… I am starting to do bean tacos for breakfast again. I simmered cooked Roman beans in ham stock – very good, BTW – and they were still pretty wet so I just ladled them over tortillas, added cheese, and called it good. Not pretty, but tasty. (I should write the beans up properly, one of these days, shouldn’t I?)

WIAW 164 - Spring? Summer?

That tuna salad was such a hit that I’m playing with chickpeas in all my other salads as well. Ham, this time, though I didn’t add vegetables. And I should have – I think the carrots are as much a factor as the beans… And there is too much mayo. Oh, well… Not bad, I’ll continue to play with it…

WIAW 164 - Spring? Summer?

Then I made the lentil soup in the afternoon, did the photo shoot while I had some sun, reheated it for dinner. We usually eat soup for lunch, but I didn’t want to deal with the shoot then… I just wanted a fast lunch. It’s just as good a dinner, though…

I didn’t even realize until now that I managed to get beans into every meal! (Didn’t feel repetitive at all.) I’d had a few… issues… with them for a while – so you didn’t see many recipes with them. I’m doing better, though, and have been gradually working them back in – I missed them! They’re so versatile…

Jenn’s  WIAW party is back at Laura’s Sprint 2 the Table today. Come see what everyone else is eating!

WIAW 164 - Spring? Summer? A day of food!


2 thoughts on “WIAW 164 – Spring? Summer?”

    • Oh, I’m sure they’re going out, too! His parents have always enjoyed that!

      But I realize I wasn’t clear… They’re elderly and have health problems, and cooking is getting hard. The last time I was there I cooked a whole collection of recipes that gave them cooked meat and vegetables for the freezer, and they told me that made meals easier for quite a while. So he’s got the meatloaf recipes, and burger crumbles, and other things to fill the freezer.

      And I seem to write up a couple of lentil soup recipes every year – but it’s so good, and so easy to vary!

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